You may not see it, but it's happening. Bullying. Abuse. Exploitation.

Children deserve a better world — a world where they are safe, protected and empowered.

Make the Invisible Visible

We've all been horrified by recent acts of unspeakable violence. The murders of pre-schoolers in China. The shooting of Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan. The massacre of school kids in Connecticut.

But most of the time, violence against children is invisible, silently destroying childhoods every day. It takes place in every setting: public and private, urban and rural, industrialized and developing, rich and poor. To stop it — and make a better world for children everywhere — we need to shine a spotlight on the problem wherever it occurs.

#ENDviolence Against Children

#ENDviolence is UNICEF's new global initiative to build awareness and generate momentum in preventing and responding to violence against children.

UNICEF works around the globe to safeguard children, lobbying governments to protect girls and boys and to strengthen child protection systems. UNICEF builds programs that address risk factors that place children in harm's way, provides safe havens for those in need and delivers medical attention and counseling to those who have suffered.

What UNICEF does to stop violence against children:

  • Fights to return child soldiers to civilian life and helps them rebuild their lives.
  • Supports safe haven shelters where street kids can find protection, caring and education.
  • Trains and funds child protection teams to patrol areas where children are trafficked.
  • Develops innovative programs like Safe and Friendly Cities, through which UNICEF and grassroots partners work to reduce local forms of violence — gang violence among boys, for example, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
  • Supports groundbreaking national surveys that document the prevalence of violence and sexual violence against girls and boys.

Making an Impact on Violence

  • After a national survey revealed the scope of violence in Tanzania, the government created a "National Plan of Action" to address it and committed to building a protection system for the nation's children.
  • With UNICEF support, Sudanese police created child-friendly procedures and established child protection units in police stations nationwide — "one-stop shops" for child victims of violence, abuse and exploitation.
  • Croatia launched a UNICEF-supported Safe Schools campaign, which resulted in a 50 percent reduction in school violence in primary schools.

Join Us: #ENDviolence Against Children

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