Childhood Immunization by the Numbers

1 child dies every 2 seconds from vaccine-preventable diseases

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Your Dollars Do More with UNICEF

In 2011, UNICEF began publishing the price it paid for every vaccine it buys. The action helped to drive prices down for childhood vaccines.

UNICEF's tremendous reach also gives it a unique ability to negotiate with manufacturers and obtain the lowest possible prices for lifesaving vaccines for children.

Projected cost savings of nearly $500 million on the new rotavirus vaccine, for example, will allow UNICEF to immunize an additional 50 million children by 2015.

Vaccinate One Child, Vaccinate Every Child

Mongolian child receives measles immunization shot

A 2012 vaccination campaign against measles and rubella in Mongolia reached from the capital, Ulan Bator, into the country's most remote areas and immunized over 95 percent of the targeted children.

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Almost a third of deaths among children under five are vaccine-preventable.

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