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SahelNOW, Help Malnourished Children in Africa :: UNICEF USA

Sahel Food and Nutrition Crisis

The Sahel Food Crisis and #SahelNow


Four Steps to Help Sound the Alarm

The lives of 1,000,000 children are at risk right now in the Sahel region in West and Central Africa. Crops have failed. Families have nothing to eat.

We can rush food, nutrition and other emergency relief to help children in the region, but we need your help. We have to alert the world about this looming crisis. We need your help to sound the alarm.

Step 1: Share this Video

On Facebook/blog–"1,000,000 children could die in the Sahel. We can save them if we act now. Sound the alarm. Share this video.http://youtu.be/zRg9izN6T3s"

On Twitter–"1,000,000 kids could die in the Sahel. We can save them if we act now. Sound the alarm. Share this video. http://youtu.be/zRg9izN6T3s #SahelNOW"

Step 2: Share this SahelNOW Image

Share this image Sahel

Reshare on Facebook

Retweet on Twitter

Step 3: Share Information About the Crisis in Sahel on Social Media

The most influential voice your friends and family will hear about the crisis in the Sahel is yours. To save 1,000,000 children, can you donate a day of Facebook posts and tweets to draw attention to the crisis in the Sahel?

Send a tweet. Post an update. Record a video. Whatever you feel most comfortable doing.

You don’t have to say much. Just be yourself and use #SahelNOW so all our voices are amplified.

Sample things to post/tweet/post as a video–

  • 1,000,000 children could die in the Sahel if we don’t act. Why isn’t this on the news? Sound the alarm. http://unicefusa.org #SahelNOW
  • Children in the Sahel are facing a nutrition crisis. Let’s not wait until it’s too late. Sound the alarm. http://unicefusa.org #SahelNOW
  • Severe drought has hit the Sahel 3 times in 8 years. Children there need us. Sound the alarm. http://unicefusa.org #SahelNOW
  • It only costs $100 to save a child in the Sahel from severe acute malnutrition. Sound the alarm. http://unicefusa.org #SahelNOW
  • It’s not in the news, but there’s a food crisis in the Sahel now. Children are in danger. Sound the alarm. http://unicefusa.org #SahelNOW

Step 4: Follow UNICEF USA for More on Sahel

Make sure you’re following us to get the latest news and ways you can help with #SahelNOW.

And check back here for more ways to share.



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Map of the Sahel region in Africa