Preventing Malaria

On 2 March, a woman and her child, refugees from Sudan’s Darfur Region, sit on a bed in a UNICEF-supported therapeutic feeding centre in the eastern town of Goz Beïda, Ouaddaï Region.

Every minute, a child dies of a mosquito bite.

Malaria is the third biggest killer of children globally, yet malaria is 100% preventable and treatable, making all malaria deaths unacceptable. Over 90% of malaria deaths occur in Africa, accounting for 1 in 6 childhood deaths there. Malaria also contributes to anemia among children—a major cause of poor growth and development.

UNICEF is the world's largest provider of insecticide-treated mosquito nets, which help protect families from malaria. In 2014, UNICEF plans to deliver more than 36 million long-lasting insecticidal nets to 18 countries. Malaria deaths dropped by 25% between 2000 and 2010, representing many thousands of children's lives saved.

Together, we can help prevent malaria infection and provide access to lifesaving treatment to the world's most vulnerable children.

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