#WaterIs Opportunity | UNICEF USA


When water came to Namaela Junior School, it brought better futures to the entire community — especially the girls.

In rural Malawi, the Namaela community was suffering.

Without running water, the community’s only water source was a nearby lake. Daily water collection was time consuming, and worse than that, the dirty water caused children to fall sick. Namaela Junior School had no bathrooms, making it difficult to attract teachers and uncomfortable for girls attending school.

The turning point came when an eight-year-old child was killed by a crocodile while collecting water. The need for safe running water became a matter of life and death.

Then UNICEF installed water pumps in the community – and life changed. Women no longer spent their days carrying water to and from the lake. Children no longer fell ill. Community members found themselves with more time to provide for their families, better health, and greater happiness.

Having clean water has changed our lives, our children don’t get sick anymore.

A mother from Namaela

Water brought opportunity. The new water source at Namaela Junior School increased the number of enrolled students to over 550. The school attracted new teachers, ensuring that more students could gain education and build better futures.

Even better? With a safe space finally available for a bathroom, more girls in the community felt empowered to attend school. That’s a powerful result from a simple water pump.