#WaterIs Beautiful | UNICEF USA


Around the world, safe water gives children a reason to smile. And that’s a beautiful thing.

The stats are disheartening: 663 million people live without access to safe water. More than 50% of primary schools lack running water, and even more lack bathrooms for students and teachers. 1.7 million children die every year from diseases that could have been prevented simply by handwashing.

But in spite of the troubling numbers, water still gives children around the world a reason to smile:

In Myanmar, fourth-grade students can wash their hands – and splash around – at a community water point set up by UNICEF. Handwashing with soap is an inexpensive way to prevent deadly diseases and keep children healthy and happy.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a local team trained by UNICEF in low cost manual drilling techniques just installed the village’s first water pump. This young girl can now collect water quickly with the simple pull of the handle – and spend her newfound free time in school and studying.

And in the Maldives, a boy enjoys a backflip into his island’s beautiful blue waters. After his swim, he and his family can clean up at home, thanks to a rainwater-harvesting initiative bringing safe water directly to households, supported by UNICEF.

To continue helping children and families gain access to safe clean water, global entertainer and humanitarian Beyoncé joined forces with UNICEF to launch #BEYGOOD4BURUNDI. The partnership will support programs to improve water, sanitation and basic hygiene practices in the hardest-to-reach areas of the landlocked East African nation of Burundi, where nearly half the population has no reliable access to safe water.

Here’s another thing of beauty: We’ve been working with our partners to rapidly improve these numbers. As a result...

2.6 BILLION adults and children today have access to safe drinking water.