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Your Support in Action

UNICEF is helping give nearly 700,000 Rohingya refugees hope for a better future.

Together, we responded to nearly 300 emergencies last year.

As more extreme weather events increase the number of humanitarian crises, it is children who will pay the highest price.

Ted Chaiban

UNICEF Director of Programs

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Relief supported by: Norwegian + unicef + u.

Nutrition starts with u

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A baby eating some food.

unicef and u helped treat over 4 million severely malnourished children.

Map of the world showing countries where Unicef treated malnourished children. Map of the world showing countries where Unicef treated malnourished children.

Last year, UNICEF supported the treatment of children with severe acute malnutrition in 73 countries.

Nutrition Means Hope

How an inexpensive solution to malnutrition is bringing children back to health.

No child needs to die of malnutrition in 2018.

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Nutrition supported by: l'occitane + unicef + u.

Water starts with u

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Without water, we are like ash. Ever since we got the well, no one falls sick anymore.

Marceline, 13


In 2018, UNICEF helped supply safe drinking water to nearly 19 million people.

1 in 4 children will live in areas of extreme water stress by 2040. Together we can help.

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Water supported by: S'well + unicef + u.

Health starts with u

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A Healthy Start

When we improve their first chapter, we can change their whole story.

UNICEF provides vaccines to nearly half the world’s children.

Together we can save
2 to 3 million kids from life-threatening diseases every year.

What's unforgivable is children still die from preventable causes.

Geeta Rao Gupta

Former UNICEF Deputy Executive Director

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Health supported by: Johnson & Johnson + unicef + u.

Education starts with u

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Donors like you helped UNICEF support basic education for 6.9 million children in 63 countries in 2018.

Disrupted by Crisis

Education helps children hold on to their futures.

Math is my favorite subject, but when I grow up, I want to be a doctor so I can help people.

Myo, 6

Rohingya refugee at Kutupalong camp

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Education supported by: MSNBC + unicef + u.

Voice starts with u

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Together we’re empowering children to raise their voices to advocate for their own rights and futures.

U-Report, an innovative UNICEF tool, empowers adolescents to report issues like lack of supplies in schools.

It’s one thing to deliver information. It’s another to talk to youth, to understand what they want and to give them information they need.

Kidus Asfaw


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Voice supported by: KTLA5 + unicef + u.

Protection starts with u

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Every day, millions of children are denied their right to safety—forced into labor, sexual exploitation or armed groups.

Two boys having fun together.

UNICEF Child-Friendly Spaces play an enormous role in giving a child security amid crisis or chaos.

I come to this center to forget my fears. I feel safe here.


Raqqa, Syria

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Protection supported by: Garnier + unicef + u.

Joy starts with u

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Too many children are growing up without joy. We can change that, unicef and u

A mother and her child hugging and smiling.

Last year, we reunited 22,000 refugee children with their families.

UNICEF distributes tens of thousands of soccer balls to vulnerable children each year, anywhere that children need to step away from suffering and experience the magic of play.

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Joy supported by: Starbucks + unicef + u.

Gifts of hope start with u

Unicef Market Inspired Gifts

The most meaningful gifts this holiday season are UNICEF’s gifts that give back.

Together, unicef and u save more children’s lives than any other organization.

u are the beginning.

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