Single Col Test - Ask Congress to Protect Access to Education for Vulnerable Children

 Côte d Ivoire Girls Access Education in Emergencies
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Every child has the right to an education

Returning to school every fall is a rite of passage for children in the United States. And yet, in many places around the world, children are deprived of this basic right to education. By advocating to your U.S. legislators, you can help multiply UNICEF’s work to ensure that the most vulnerable children, including those in emergency and conflict settings, can access their right to quality education.

Contact Congress in support of the Protecting Girls' Access to Education Act (H.R. 2408 / S. 1580). Take action in support of legislation that encourages the U.S. Government to make education a priority for children uprooted by conflict and crisis. Learn more here.


How You Can Help

Contact your Members of Congress and urge them to pass the Protecting Girls' Access to Education Act (H.R. 2408 / S. 1580). 

In the House of Representatives, your letter will urge your Representative to pass the bill. In the Senate, your letter depends on whether your Senators have cosponsored the legislation. Review each letter to find out where your legislators stand.