Farmington High School
US Fund for UNICEF
We aim to educate, advocate and fundraise on behalf of the world's children at Farmington High School. The FHS is a group that is devoted to educating and advocating awareness of the harsh realities that children all over the globe in third-world countries are unfortunately forced to face. Our goal is to raise money and support these poor kids in any way possible to the best of our ability. This includes holding multiple fundraising-like activities throughout the school year. This club is just one branch of the very large UNICEF organization and all proceeds-whether it's $0.50 or $500- made from our fundraising activities will be sent to UNICEF. This is a community service club that gives back to struggling children all over our world. These kids deserve to live a life full of the same opportunities that are available to us and every penny we collect counts towards making it come true.

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