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Partner since 1989

Total Donated: $3.1 million

Since 1989, Microsoft has supported UNICEF's work through workplace-giving campaigns, emergency grants and employee matching gifts.

As the world's largest software company, Microsoft looks to create social and economic opportunities where its employees work, live, and do business, bringing innovation to improve education and health care, while addressing other societal challenges such as energy and the environment, retraining workers for the 21st century economy, and helping governments become more transparent and inclusive.

Partnership Summary

i'm Initiative

From 2007 till the beginning of 2010, Microsoft supported UNICEF's programs for children around the world through its innovative i'm Initiative. This cause-marketing campaign benefitted both UNICEF and nine other charitable causes. In this online initiative, every time a participating customer had a conversation using Windows Live Messenger™ or sent an email using Windows Live Hotmail®, Microsoft shared a portion of the program's advertising revenue with the participating charitable organization designated by the customer. The i'm Initiative generated more than $790,000 for the UNICEF USA.

Employee Giving and Matching Gifts

From 2007 to present, the UNICEF USA has received over $990,000 in donations from employees and Microsoft's matching gift program.