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Ilídio, 11, benefits from UNICEF's support for children with disabilities in Mozambique.

Partner since: 2004

H&M is a long-time partner of UNICEF, helping to support children’s rights since 2004 and helping to fund UNICEF programs that improve the lives of vulnerable children. The company has supported UNICEF’s education and development programs in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Ethiopia, India, Madagascar and Uzbekistan;

In 2009, H&M launched an "All for Children" initiative with a $4.5 million donation to help fund a program in Southern India that focused on improving access to quality education and healthcare services and ensuring that all children between the ages 6 to 14 were enrolled in school. The initiative later expanded with another $8 million donation to help UNICEF reach 40,000 children living in slums in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with improved access to quality early learning, basic primary education, life skills and social protection services. All for Children has reached a total of 1.7 million children to date.

A Newborn Exclusive collection was launched online in 2014, with 10 percent of the purchase price of all items in the collection donated to support UNICEF’s immunization programs for children.

H&M has also contributed to UNICEF’s disaster relief work over the years, supporting emergency response efforts following the Southeast Asian tsunami, floods in Pakistan, and civil war in Syria. In 2010 and 2011, the company organized fundraising campaigns to support UNICEF's response to emergencies in Haiti and in the Horn of Africa.

Promoting child-friendly business practices

Alongside other Swedish business leaders, H&M is a long-time supporter of UNICEF's efforts to help companies better understand and assess their impact on children’s rights — and to take proactive steps toward protecting those rights according to a set of global standards for child-friendly business practices.

To learn more, see Children's Rights and Business Principles, developed in 2012 by UNICEF in collaboration with the Global Compact and Save the Children.

A charitable partnership doing a world of good

UNICEF and H&M Foundation — a non-profit global foundation privately funded by the Stefan Persson family, founders and main owners of H&M — have worked together since 2014, focusing on early childhood development and helping the most vulnerable and excluded children to get the best start in life. 

In 2015, H&M Foundation backed an initiative that gave children an opportunity to support other children's right to learn. Children could submit a drawing online to earn a ‘Unicoin’, a form of currency they could use to send education supplies to another child in need.

Since 2017, H&M Foundation has supported programs in Bulgaria, Peru and Uganda that helps children with disabilities access early childhood development services.

A global campaign to 'Be Inclusive' to protect the rights of children with disabilities

In 2022, the partners teamed up to launch the 'Be Inclusive' global campaign to raise awareness of the importance of inclusion for children with disabilities; to break stigma and challenge outdated and discriminatory perceptions and biases regarding children with disabilities; and to suggest practical ways for individuals, schools and communities to become more inclusive. 

H&M Foundation is supporting UNICEF's international campaign to empower children with disabilities around the world. © UNICEF

“Children with disabilities often face prejudices,” said Diana Amini, Global Manager at H&M Foundation. “Through increased inclusion, we hope to change these negative attitudes and transform the lives and futures of thousands of young children with disabilities – helping them reach their full health, happiness, well-being and learning ability.” Watch this short video.

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Top photo: Ilídio, 11, benefits from UNICEF's support for children with disabilities in Mozambique. © UNICEF/UN0STO65471