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Partner since: 2009

Partnership Overview

Through their Powering the Possible Youth Learning program, Dell works with organizations around the world to close the skills gap for students that may not have access to quality education tools. Since 2009, Dell has provided the UNICEF USA with $2.1 million in grants and $575,000 in product donations.

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Initiatives, activities, and other ways Dell has supported the UNICEF USA:

Technology Education in Morocco

In partnership with UNICEF and the Moroccan Ministry of Youth & Sport, from 2010 – 2014, Dell supported an exciting model to increase young people’s access to information technology in Morocco.  The program targeted those who live in the poorest, most vulnerable areas of Casablanca-Rabat region, least likely to have technology access and therefore often unable to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Emergency Relief

Within the first days of the January 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti, Dell was a leader among UNICEF’s corporate partners in bringing immediate aid to the children of Haiti through the generous support of Dell employees.  Dell was also one of the first companies to respond during the devastating floods that affected Pakistan in August 2010.

Children’s Climate Change Ambassadors Program

Through Dell YouthConnect, 160 laptops were provided to UNICEF's Children's Climate Change Forum, allowing the young attendees from 44 different countries to engage online with other children around the world who wanted to have their voices heard on the important issue of climate change.