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Support the children of the Nepal emergency

Diaspora Women is raising funds to support UNICEF in emergencies. UNICEF and its partners are on the ground delivering programs and services for children and families in some of the most difficult environments in the world, responding to more than 250 humanitarian situations each year. In 2015, UNICEF will need $3.1 billion USD to carry out is humanitarian programs for 98 million people, including 62 million children in 71 countries – this is the largest global humanitarian challenge the organization has ever faced.

UNICEF is on the ground before, during and after crises. UNICEF is the emergency cluster lead in Nutrition and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), and the co-lead in Education, as well as the leader on Child Protection and co-lead on Gender-based Violence. With more than 11,000 staff worldwide; 350 warehouses globally; strategic transit hubs in Copenhagen, Dubai, Panama and Shanghai; and a 24/7 emergency operations center in New York, UNICEF stands ready to provide both immediate and long-term necessities—food, water, shelter, protection and physical as well as mental health care—whenever a crisis arises. UNICEF also works to reunite children with family and provides care for those who are orphaned.

Children are the most vulnerable in a humanitarian emergency, and UNICEF is committed to stay and deliver for children in crisis around the world.

Diaspora Women is mobilizing to support UNICEF’s response to the earthquake in Nepal. On April 25, 2015, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake near Nepal's capital city of Kathmandu has claimed more than 2,000 lives, caused thousands of injuries, and destroyed homes and infrastructure. Nearly 1 million children require humanitarian assistance, and UNICEF is on the ground working to provide critical aid to children and families.

Make a donation to the UNICEF USA so that UNICEF can act now and act fast to reach and protect the vulnerable children in the aftermath of the earthquake. 

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