Our partners choose to make an impact in a variety of ways. Some choose to support children’s needs wherever and however they arise. Some commit to investing in whatever it takes to end a specific disease, such as polio until it is eradicated. Some partners specifically focus on bringing awareness to children’s rights. Others choose a specific region or program they want to support, while others specifically target humanitarian emergencies.

Based on your level of commitment, we have various ways of connecting your members with ongoing knowledge of their impact. These include customized reporting, invitations to UNICEF briefings and meetings, toolkits to support your engagements, educational events, speakers for events, or opportunities for you and your organization to speak up for children’s rights. 

Funding Opportunities

UNICEF has many programs around the world across all our thematic areas and is constantly piloting new programs and innovations. We would love to work with you and your organization to find the program that interests your organization the most, and meets the needs of children around the world. Please contact us directly so we can learn more about your interests. Below is a few selected program UNICEF is currently seeking funding for.

Girls Education - Let Us Learn
Five countries — Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Liberia, Madagascar, and Nepal – are targeting the most vulnerable children by sharpening the equity focus in both programming and monitoring of results. These children may live in remote areas, have disabilities or face social and educational exclusion. Click here to learn more...

Education for Children in Syria - Self-Learning
Now in its eighth year and with no end in sight, the conflict in Syria has become the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. Education remains central to the humanitarian response plans in Syria. To ensure access to education for internally displaced children and those living in hard-to-reach and besieged areas in Syria, UNICEF has designed a Self-Learning Program, which aims to reach 95,000 Syrian children who have limited or no access to schooling. Click here to learn more...