Randolph Frazier

Randolph Frazier is a member of the Los Angeles Steering Committee for UNICEF's Next Generation.

Next Generation Los Angeles Steering Committee


Ran Aubrey Frazier was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, also known as Dawson's Creek.  An acting major in performing arts schools in the Baltimore suburbs, Ran headed to New England for college, where he studied Film and Theater Studies at Yale, before packing his bags for Harvard Law School, where he was the Coordinating Editor and Diversity Chair of the Harvard Law Review

A 2008 trip to India after taking the New York bar inspired him to get involved with a philanthropic organization devoted to improving living conditions for people in developing nations. 

In 2012, after several years of corporate practice in New York, Ran and his boyfriend ventured west to the Golden State, where Ran was actively involved in the formation of the L.A. chapter of Next Gen.  He is also the Co-Chair of GLAAD's L.A. Leadership Council, a contributing writer on Media for The Advocate, and a member of the Authentic Talent & Literary Management family.