Iliana Alvarenga

Iliana Alvarenga is a Trends Analyst for North America at Mintel, a market intelligence agency, where she monitors and identifies global trends and offers insights as to how companies can leverage new technologies, innovations and trends in their markets.

She’s a first generation American who grew up hearing her parents’ stories. Her mother, born in Colombia, and her father, born in El Salvador, grew up in communities affected by poverty, corruption, war, and violence. Their inspiring life journey has been at the core of her inspirations.

Thus, at a young age, she felt a strong sense of vocation to help those in need.  As such, Iliana began her involvement with UNICEF in 2010 when she was a student at Loyola University Chicago. Since then, she’s held several different roles within the organization, which has led to her position now as a Steering Committee member for UNICEF’s Next Generation in Chicago.

Iliana aims to further strengthen Chicago’s young professional philanthropic community, while supporting and empowering their passion, talent, and drive. It is her personal mission to continue to educate, advocate, and fundraise for the world’s children, from issues related to education and access to clean water to the refugee crisis.

Iliana received her BA in Political Science and BBA in Marketing from Loyola University Chicago.