Grace Yu


Next Generation Atlanta Steering Committee

Grace first joined UNICEF Next Generation as a way to cope with the 2016 election and to learn how to ensure the most vulnerable children around the world can still get a high-quality education. As the Bay Area Vice Chair, she works closely with the Chair to ensure that members have the runway they need to make a difference in the world on an international scale, in ways that work best for them. Outside of UNICEF, Grace is a professional writer specializing in content creation and marketing strategy. She has led creative advertising campaigns for clients like Apple, Audi, Google, Visa, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, AT&T, and more. She is currently writing for West Wing Writers, a speechwriting firm. When she isn’t crafting the perfect headline or making revisions, she volunteers as an after-school tutor and college coach for high school students. She lives in San Francisco, surrounded by the books she buys, but will never have time to finish reading.