Danielle Abraham

Next Generation New York Steering Committee


Danielle is a strategic marketing and digital media professional based in NYC, currently freelancing with a few startups. She most recently worked for a private global hospitality company, focused on concept development and growth for restaurants, usually part of a hotel and/or casino project. Danielle served as the Director of Love at NY-based startup Qwiki until the company was acquired by Yahoo! in July 2013. Prior to joining Qwiki, she managed event sponsorships, partnerships, and social media for a number of lifestyle brands at Harrison & Shriftman, a corptique lifestyle agency, served as the Director of Partnerships for Summit Series’ Summit at Sea event, and managed community partnerships at Meetup.

She is a Founding Member of UNICEF Next Generation and helped conceptualize NextGen’s largest fundraiser, the annual Masquerade Ball and co-chaired the event in NYC for 5 years. Danielle has traveled to Guatemala, Ethiopia and Kosovo with UNICEF to see their lifesaving work firsthand. She is originally from Long island and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she studied strategic communications in the Journalism School.