Let Us Learn...

NextGen raised $200,000 to support Let Us Learn programs in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Liberia, Madagascar and Nepal . Donations helped fund Sprinkles—UNICEF’s program which provides micronutrient packages to families with malnourished children.

Every child has a right to an education. Yet children around the world continue to be denied this basic right because of challenges with access, lack of educational standards and ingrained inequities. Despite our best efforts, access to education remains a global issue. In 2011, 58 million children were out of primary school and 63 million adolescents were out of junior high school. Of children with the opportunity to attend school, 250 million still could not read or write, demonstrating the hurdles stemming from poor quality education.

Your generous support of Let Us Learn funded the continued implementation of Let Us Learn activities through 2017, allowing the program to achieve its targets over the next three years. Examples of activities NextGen’s investment include:

• Development and distribution of pedagogical materials in Madagascar for three regions.

• Monitoring and evaluation of the project to ensure programming is evidence based.

• Implementation of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education programming in Nepal’s schools.

• Facilitation of a school assessment and re-opening project in Liberia as part of Ebola recovery efforts.

• Provision of school kits, floor mats, libraries, blackboards and textbooks for a school year in Afghanistan.

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