UNICEF's Next Generation
U.S. Fund for UNICEF

Innovation Labs in South East Asia

High levels of poverty, natural disasters, and distinct local conditions have put the health and safety of the youth in South East Asia at risk. However, these children can also act as catalysts for development and positive change in their communities.

UNICEF Next Generation raised $500,000 to develop three Innovation Labs in South East Asia. These labs are joining a network of innovation centers around the world that offer children the opportunities to devise solutions to the problems that are affecting their communities by partnering with local leaders, government and NGO representatives, educators and product developers.

These labs will empower youth to address the issues that affect their communities and partner with local leaders to implement solutions. This funding will help:

  • Empower children and youth to improve their situations
  • Encourage collaboration and innovation among community members
  • Engage young people in real-time discussion and information loops
  • Facilitate better and more effective governance

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