UNICEF's Next Generation

Our First Project...

Raising $175,000 to support nutrition programs in Guatemala was Next Generation's first project. Donations helped fund Sprinkles—UNICEF’s program which provides micronutrient packages to families with malnourished children.

In 2011, 4,500,000 Sprinkle sachets were purchased and 75,000 children received nutrition packets thanks in part to the support of Next Gen. With support from these funds, UNICEF has worked to provide interventions that prevent anemia due to iron deficiencies, growth retardation due to zinc deficiencies, and infections related to deficiencies of vitamin A and other nutrients.

UNICEF continues to train health care providers to offer appropriate counseling related to Sprinkles as part of an integrated approach to health and nutrition, improve recording of micronutrient supplementation, and develop educational materials on the proper use of Sprinkles.

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