Audrey Hepburn® Society Chair

Sean Hepburn Ferrer Named Chair of the Audrey Hepburn® Society

Sean Hepburn Ferrer wants to hear from you. The eldest son of Audrey Hepburn was named chair of the Audrey Hepburn® Society in August of 2012 and is excited to build membership and momentum for the U.S. Fund's donor recognition group.

"I would love to meet people who have joined and people who are thinking about joining," says Ferrer. "I'm very hopeful that we can maintain and increase the level of awareness and involvement we've experienced so far."

The Audrey Hepburn® Society was founded last year as a way to recognize the U.S. Fund's most generous individual donors, those making gifts of $10,000 or more annually. Members are invited to participate in opportunities to connect with fellow donors and experience UNICEF’s work.  Miss Hepburn became a powerful advocate for children's survival and well-being as a UNICEF Ambassador in the late 1980s and early 1990s. She died nearly 20 years ago, on January 20, 1993.

"She made this family so proud," says Ferrer. "For me to be able to continue to represent our family in supporting UNICEF's work is a great honor."

Ferrer says he is particularly thrilled to increase his engagement with the UNICEF USA at such a pivotal time in the fight for child survival. The recent news of a historic drop in global child mortality—a more than 40 percent decline since 1990—"makes you want to stand up and cheer," he says.

"It's astonishing progress, but none of can forget how far we still must go," he says. "There are still 18,000 children dying every day—that's a lot of children that need to be saved."

Part of Ferrer's job, he says, is to convey the power of UNICEF to do just that.  "UNICEF is a beautiful, well-operated organization with lots of people who are terribly dedicated," he says.

He looks forward to learning about donors' priorities and interests and to sharing his own perspective on the changing landscape of philanthropy today. "I'm here to sit with people and talk about their wishes," he says. "I'm available to talk about the past, the present, and the future. I think that's an interesting position to be in and one I’m very, very pleased to fulfill."

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