Joel Madden in Central African Republic
Joel Madden in Central African Republic in 2008.
U.S. Fund for UNICEF/Pierre Holtz
Joel Maddon

UNICEF Ambassador since 2008

Joel Madden, lead vocalist for the multi-platinum band Good Charlotte, was appointed a UNICEF Ambassador in 2008. Joel continuously supports UNICEF and its mission to save and improve children's lives by encouraging family, friends, and fans to donate to the UNICEF USA and support UNICEF via his social networks and media interviews.


UNICEF's Emergency Relief Efforts

Joel actively supports UNICEF's initiatives through his large social media network, and in January 2012 he commemorated the second anniversary of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and UNICEF's work there since the emergency began. He also took to Twitter to spread awareness for UNICEF and Threadless's "Good Shirts" campaign to raise funds to help alleviate the crisis in the Horn of Africa in the fall of 2011.

"UNICEF is the best organization for children worldwide—they truly make a difference," Joel said.

In the wake of Haiti's earthquake, Joel joined forces with UNICEF to raise awareness and funds through continuous social media support and participation in the Larry King Live Telethon. Months later, Joel filmed an emergency PSA about children suffering from the flooding in Pakistan.

UNICEF Tap Project

In March 2009, Joel and his brother Benji were named the 2009 National Spokespersons for the UNICEF Tap Project, an award-winning, grassroots campaign that supports UNICEF's water and sanitation programs. Since its inception in 2007, the UNICEF Tap Project has raised nearly $3 million in the U.S. and has helped provide clean water for millions of children globally.

Watch Joel and Benji discuss the UNICEF Tap Project on Larry King Live!

UNICEF Field Visit

In October 2008, Joel traveled to the Central African Republic, where one-third of the population lacks access to clean water and sanitation. During the visit, he witnessed UNICEF's efforts to provide these life-sustaining resources and met children who had benefited from UNICEF's work.