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Be the first to know about UNICEF's humanitarian relief efforts in times of emergency.

UNICEF in action

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UNICEF representatives walk through the courtyard of Ofatma Hospital in Les Cayes, Haiti, on 17 August 2021. UNICEF installed tents in the courtyard shelter patients and their families who feared the hospital building could collapse.

Haiti Earthquake: 5 Ways to Help

However you like to help — sending emergency supplies, donating monthly, shopping for good or starting a fundraiser — UNICEF has you covered
People drive past the remains of the Sacré Coeur des Cayes church in Les Cayes on August 15, 2021, after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti’s southwest peninsula.

Major Earthquake Hits Haiti

Severe damage was reported following a magnitude 7.2 earthquake. UNICEF is working with partners to rush vital assistance to those in need.