Why to choose UNICEF for your year-end giving

December 29, 2011
If your mailbox is anything like mine this time of year,  you are likely to face an avalanche of year-end appeals when you collect your mail this afternoon. This time every year I am solicited by various charitable organizations to remember them during the giving season. I cannot possibly support them all and choosing amongst them can be difficult. Because I work in the non-profit sector I know that there are means of determining where best to donate. But don’t take it from me, as I will admit to UNICEF bias. Take a look at this article from syndicated columnist, Amy Dickinson, who writes that, “Great charities are transparent, show donors where the money goes and don’t just claim how much of their money goes to programs, but report measurable outcomes. I check out all my recommendations on charitynavigator.org. All receive a top rating.” Good thing the U.S. Fund for UNICEF is a top rated charity on Charity Navigator. Check out Amy’s column here.