Welcoming the new UNICEF Campus Initiative Alumni Association Council

March 12, 2012
Created in November 2010, the UNICEF Campus Initiative Alumni Association strives to unite all Campus Initiative Alumni in their sustained commitment to advocate, educate, and fundraise beyond university borders for the survival and development of the world's children.

© U.S. Fund for UNICEF | The newly named members of the UNICEF Campus Initiative Alumni Council are pictured here left to right: (top) Laura Restrepo, alumna of Green Mountain College, Laura Convery, alumna of the University of Missouri, Kelli Beyer, alumna of Loyola University Chicago, Erin Milner, alumna of the University of California–Irvine, (bottom) Margaret Griffiths, alumna of Syracuse University, Mark Marino Deguzman, alumnus of George Mason University, Ariana Hoet, alumna of Ohio State University, and Dominique Figueroa, alumna of Stanford University (absent).

The newly inducted Campus Initiative Alumni Association Council is a group of experienced and passionate leaders who will serve a two year term to cultivate global leaders as they graduate and transition into careers and outlets of higher education. By reminding graduating seniors that the fight to reach zero does not end at graduation, these leaders will cultivate lifelong volunteers who are knowledgeable and passionate about UNICEF’s work and the need to support ongoing, lifesaving efforts. Members of the Alumni Association gain access to vast networking and engagement opportunities, nationwide alumni programs, and the chance to form a lifelong partnership with UNICEF and it's staff around the world. Are you about to graduate, or do you know a graduate who would be interested?  To learn more, contact the UNICEF Campus Initiative Alumni Association Council at campusalumni@unicefusa.org or visit: www.unicefusa.org/alumni.