March 7, 2014
A weekly news roundup highlighting the best of the FieldNotes blog and online coverage of UNICEF issues.

Best of the FieldNotes Blog

Infographic: A crisis in clean water Five reasons to put down your phone
  • 768 million people around the world lack clean water. And you can’t live without your smartphone?
Video: UNICEF Tap Project

UNICEF Issues in the News

South Sudan: an intimate look at the conflict
  • The Christian Science Monitor reports from Bor, the “epicenter” of a conflict that affects more than 3.75 million children.
Fat, lean or in-between?
  • A provocative essay in The New York Times argues for a new vocabulary to talk about rich and poor nations.
Photo gallery: Put us in the picture
  • The Guardian’s portraits of blind pupils at Bishop Willis school in Uganda make the case for equal opportunities for children with disabilities.
The heavy burden of cancer
  • Cancer kills more people in poor countries than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined, The Economist reports.
“Nobody is immune from this issue.”
  • Google’s former CEO says parents everywhere need to have “the privacy talk” with their children, in an excerpt from his new book.

And one more…

Video: Joy and unicycles in Chicago
  • How a circus program is helping an 8-year-old refugee from Sudan adjust to his new life.