September 26, 2014

A weekly roundup of UNICEF issues in the news.

Best of the UNICEF blogs

Five things know about the crisis in Iraq
How UNICEF is helping the 900,000 children displaced this year.

A sudden surge into Turkey
UNICEF is there as a huge influx of Syrian refugees flees across the border.

Video: Water in Gaza
Got a minute? UNICEF’s Pernille Ironside on Gaza’s water shortage.

UNICEF issues in the News

Intensive care
Ebola is causing a sharp rise in untreated malaria, cholera and measles cases, the BBC reports.

Letter from Liberia
A health worker tells the remarkable story of a young friend who beat terrible odds, in the Guardian.

Video: Who is Boko Haram?
A New York Times backgrounder on Nigeria’s notorious kidnappers.

“The Mum’s phone”
Can a cell phone reduce the number of women who die from pregnancy complications?

Progress in Myanmar
Army releases more than 100 child soldiers, its biggest single discharge to date.

Video: Dear Matafele
A mother’s poetic promise to her daughter to leave the earth unharmed.

And one more...

Name that Goodwill Ambassador!
A quiz to test your knowledge of the U.N.’s most famous faces.