June 20, 2014

A weekly roundup of UNICEF issues in the news.

Best of the UNICEF blogs

Five things to know about the crisis in Iraq
Key facts about the violence that has displaced 250,000 children.

Reaching out, one village at a time
The fight against maternal and neonatal tetanus in Haiti.

Remembering the children of Soweto
UNICEF honors Day of the African Child.

UNICEF Issues in the News

Subjective age
New research on how adolescents mature, in the New York Times parenting blog.

Malnutrition in booming China
The Economist explains that while growth has slashed malnutrition, deficiencies still affect a third of young children in poor areas.

Video: “Having a god in the home is a delightful thing”
A fascinating portrait on PRI’s The World on what it’s like for Nepal’s former child goddesses as they grow up.

A breakthrough in preventing cholera?
The Wall Street Journal reports on the development of an inexpensive vaccine that doesn’t require refrigeration.

Dark side of the supply chain
A top UN official makes the link between conflict minerals and sexual violence, in the Guardian.

A medical mystery in West Africa
Doctors are confounded by the recent Ebola outbreak, the deadliest since 1976.

And one more...

Catching waves in Haiti
“The kids make it look effortless, as if they’ve surfed from birth.” In Slate.