June 12, 2014

A weekly roundup of UNICEF issues in the news.

Best of the UNICEF blogs

The simple joy of a soccer ball
A look at the most prized item in the UNICEF recreation kit.

Letter from Bangui
Incessant rain takes a psychological toll and poses a sanitation risk for children in CAR.

Safe labor
In South Sudan, UNICEF supports midwives in displacement camps.

UNICEF Issues in the News

Jesse Metcalfe in Botswana
The television star's field visit gets attention from People magazine.

A movement against genital cutting among U.S. girls
The New York Times reports on immigrant children subjected to the practice on vacation.

The girl mechanics of Goma
The inspiring story of the young women in D.R. Congo who break stereotypes while fixing cars, from the Daily Beast.

Infographic: If America were Syria
A new way of understanding the scale of Syria’s tragedy.

Celebrity chef José Andrés in Haiti
In the Washington Post, a profile of Andrés and the “model kitchens” that he hopes will help transform Haiti.

Ebola update
The West African outbreak flares up, appearing in Sierra Leone and new areas of Guinea.

And one more...

“We lost count of all the delightful elements”
Google invites an 11-year-old artist to animate her doodle.