A True Champion for All: Jason Faught

July 6, 2018

Advocate Jason Faught shares his journey from Marine Corps serviceman to UNICEF USA supporter 

When retired Marine Corps member Jason Faught found himself at a UNICEF social event, gentle encouragement from his former coworker and current UNICEF UNITE: Denver member founder and leader, Alejandra Colmenero, is all it took for him to join our advocate community. “I found myself feeling morally obligated to contribute whatever efforts I could in order to provide these innocent children resources and support. I wanted to be the voice to speak up and create better opportunities for those so desperately in need of our help,” said Jason, reflecting on his passion for UNICEF’s work across the globe. “I find myself lately devoting more of my time to those that can benefit from my knowledge and experiences while demonstrating to others the difference they can make and how to become role models themselves.”

Jason Faught (far right) with members of the Colorado state delegation, Advocacy Day 2018

Jason comes to UNICEF after a long career in military service, and explains that it was his search for a greater and selfless purpose that drove him to both serve his country and to join the Denver team as an advocate and volunteer. Over the past year, Jason has participated in local events, UNICEF USA’s  annual Advocacy Day, and meetings with Members of Congress where he persuasively advocated for legislation like the Reach Every Mother and Child Act. His advice to those who want to advocate for issues in their community is simple: “Know why you want to be an advocate . . . this is what should drive and motivate you. If you remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing, the intrinsic value you receive from your work will be more than enough motivation to continue pressing on.”

Jason recalls the moment he realized that advocacy for children was his driving inspiration to serve his community and become a better person. “My favorite memory happened on August 19th, 2017,” Jason says fondly. “The Aurora Municipal Center hosted the Global Fest which is the international celebration of food, art, and entertainment. I was enjoying some Moroccan entrees while watching a group of children running around, dancing, and laughing without a care in the world." 

"It was in that moment I had my epiphany – no child at that age should have to wonder if they'll get their meal today, if they'll receive the medication they need to survive, or if they'll be able to receive an education. In that moment, I knew this was the reason I joined UNICEF.”

If given the opportunity to address Congress, he’d remind them: “Our focus should be on those that truly need our help and to act as if the whole world is watching. Only then can we be a country worthy of others' admiration and be able to become the country that inspires others to follow in our stead.”

UNICEF USA is fortunate to have a thoughtful and inspirational member like Jason in our community. His continued efforts to bring positive change for children across the globe is a testament to how grassroots citizen activism can truly make a difference in the lives of these children everywhere. Thank you, Jason, for your service!