'Princess Art' Batik and Bead Cotton Tote Bag

Top Five Gift Picks for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is on May 8th, and there’s still time for you to find a great gift at UNICEF Market.  We know that picking the right gift for mom can be hard, so here are our top five picks. 

1.  Celebrate the bond between mother and child with a necklace that keeps children close to her heart.  Created in Andean silver, these necklaces are perfect for a proud mother or grandmother.  Choose from Two Silver Son Pendants on a Sterling Silver Necklace, a Little Boy and Girl Charm on a Handcrafted Silver Necklace or Two Silver Daughter Pendants on a Sterling Silver Necklace.

2. 'Luxurious Foliage' Handcrafted Robe - Mom works hard all the time, and now it's your chance to pamper her. This beautiful kimono-style robe is embellished with the rich foliage of the tropics. The robe's flowing, woven, rayon design is hand decorated with traditional batik work which makes each garment completely unique. It is perfect for a day of relaxation. 

3. 'Princess Art' Indonesian Batik and Bead Tote Bag - Great for Mom to use every day, this handcrafted cotton batik bag is covered with bright flowers on an emerald background.  It's decorated with golden beads and has a magnetic and button closure.  The interior is lined and has a pocket to help keep things organized. 

4. 'Pearls of Harmony' Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings - Great for casual or more elegant occasions, the delicate but simple craftsmanship of these earrings features soft pinkish-cream pearls intertwined with silver art.  They would make be a great addition to mom's jewelry collection.

5. Hand Crafted 'Moment of Tenderness' Sculpture - Whatever your age, Mom will always think of you as her baby. This suar wood sculpture reinforces the memory of that intimate bond between mother and child. 

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