Thank You for Your Inspired Gifts

February 26, 2013
UNICEF and children around the world thank you for your purchase last year of Inspired Gifts! These gifts are actual lifesaving items that you can buy in someone’s honor and that go where they are needed most. They include things like bicycles to help transport vaccines, mosquito nets that protect families against malaria, school supplies, and oral rehydration salts that save children from deadly dehydration. water-kits-600 In 2012, UNICEF was able to distribute a staggering number of lifesaving and life-changing gifts purchased by UNICEF’s supporters around the world. These include over 6 million therapeutic food packets, 27 million vaccine doses, 155,000 HIV testing kits, 81,000 story books, and 10,000 tarps for shelter. With Inspired Gifts, children and families around the world get what they need to survive and thrive. To purchase in Inspired Gift, please visit our Inspired Gifts site. For a more detailed breakdown of where our Inspired Gifts went in 2012, view our one-page PDF.