[Tap Project] UNICEF Ambassador Marcus Samuelsson on the Tap Project


As a chef, I rely on clean water every day. In my kitchens, we use water for everything from rinsing produce to washing dishes. I'm sure you count on clean water running every time you turn the tap on too.

But did you know that 21 percent of children living in the developing world do not have access to clean water? UNICEF tells us that one in five children do not have the clean water they need to thrive.

But that's where the Tap Project comes in. Today, more than 250 New York City area restaurants, including my own, will ask their customers to donate $1 for the tap water they usually drink for free. All of the proceeds will be donated to UNICEF, which will use the money to support clean water programs and save children's lives across the world. Just $1 can provide safe drinking water for a child for 40 days.

So I hope that you will join me in supporting this lifesaving project. You can find a list of restaurants that are participating here.

Together, we can make a difference to save children's lives on World Water Day.