[Tap Project] City pages go live on tapproject.org



From Los Angeles to Boston, Tap Project is sweeping the nation. And now you can find out what's going on in your region by clicking on city pages, which feature 14 major cities taking part in Tap. There you can look up local participating restaurants and see the imaginative artwork and PSAs conceived by some of the best-known advertising agencies across the country. The artwork includes original Tap logos that blend city culture and history with the mission of Tap. The result is a creative, fundraising mosaic that gives millions of people across the country a chance to provide clean drinking water to developing communities. In addition, city pages have important information for diners, volunteers, and just about anyone interested in learning more about World Water Week. And remember, if your community is not on the list of featured cities, you can still register your hometown restaurants for Tap. Any thoughts on the featured logos? How would you have represented your town or city? Check out your local Tap Project page and let us know what you think! small%20SD%20Logo.jpgCinci%20Logo.jpgsmallChicago%20TapWaterLogo.jpg