Southern California Fundraising Campaigns

November 15, 2013

Chinese Children’s Initiative

Led by the Southern California Regional Board Member, John Maatta, The Chinese Children’s Initiative encourages individuals and businesses in the region to support the work of UNICEF on behalf of the most vulnerable children of China.

The life reality for millions of children living in rural poverty-stricken communities in China is comparable to conditions in the least developed countries. About 100 million children in China live in homes that subsist on incomes of less than $2.00 per day. The magnitude of the issues confronting millions of Chinese children will require decades of concerted efforts on the part of the Chinese government in cooperation with international development organizations.

The proceeds of all the many efforts of the UNICEF Chinese Children’s Initiative will support the multi-faceted work that UNICEF is doing today and every day to alleviate the desperate situation confronting millions of vulnerable Chinese children.  For more information, please contact our office at 310-277-7608.

Children with Disabilities

Together with her daughter, Lucy, Southern California Regional Board Member Jamie Meyer is forwarding UNICEF’s very important agenda of ensuring the rights of children with disabilities. Lucy has cerebral palsy and is fortunate to have many resources and opportunities that other children with disabilities often do not have, especially in the developing world.

Far too often, children with disabilities are among the last in line for resources and services, especially where these are scarce to begin with. UNICEF estimates that there are 93 million children who have disabilities but it’s hard for even UNICEF to know because these children are hidden away. They often are cut off from the health and education services they deserve. Even worse, children with disabilities are three or four times more likely to be abused or taken advantage.

In times of significant events, such as the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, children with disabilities are often ignored. UNICEF believes that all kids have the right to play sports. For this reason, UNICEF started REJUPE, a program that engages 660 Brazilian teenagers, many of whom have disabilities, working together to prepare recommendations for the government on sports policies for all youth. REJUPE develops leadership skills in teenagers so they can help make their schools and their communities better for all children, including children with disabilities.

Your support of Jamie and Lucy’s regional effort to raise money for children with disabilities will make sure that even after the World Cup ends, Brazil will remain a safe and inclusive place for youth sports.