Running for Team UNICEF

October 12, 2012
The first Sunday in November is always an exciting day for our family—that’s when the ING New York City Marathon passes right through our neighborhood. None of us actually run in the event, nor are we particularly athletic. We just love standing on the sidelines and cheering on the runners from all over the world—young and old, fit and not so fit—who have taken on this enormous challenge. And this November 4, we’ll be cheering especially loudly: for Team UNICEF, and the two U.S. Fund colleagues on the team who are running to raise money for UNICEF. Joining Team UNICEF is a great way for an athlete to raise money for UNICEF—right now, you can still join Team UNICEF for the 2013 LA Marathon! But you don’t have to participate in a big event like the LA or NYC Marathon to be on the team. An athlete can raise money for Team UNICEF in any event in which they are placed and are able set a fundraising goal.

Taylor Conger and Jennifer Lee

Our two U.S. Fund runners in New York are Jennifer Lee and Taylor Conger, and they both are training right now to finish the 26.2-mile marathon and raise money to help children all around the world. These two dedicated athletes have already reached their initial fundraising goal of $3,500 each, and have now upped their goal to a combined total of $10,000—all of it for UNICEF. Visit Jennifer and Taylor's fundraising pages to find out more about them, and to donate. You can also go to the Team UNICEF page to support any of the other athletes who are running for the team. The Team UNICEF page is also the place to go to sign up to raise money for UNICEF through your own athletic event. And last, but not least, Jennifer will post a blow-by-blow description right here on our FieldNotes blog about her ING NYC Marathon experience. (After she’s rested a bit, that is.) And my family will once again be standing on the sidelines on November 4, cheering louder than ever for Team UNICEF.