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A Ramadan Thank-You From UNICEF and the World's Children

May 13, 2022

Wherever there are children in need, UNICEF is there to help. In more than 190 countries and territories, UNICEF works nonstop to protect children and their right to a healthy, happy and safe childhood.


Your generous gift this Ramadan is helping UNICEF reach vulnerable children, bringing them joy and blessings. Thank you for showing the world's children that you care.


Here are just a few ways UNICEF programs are meeting the needs of children and having a positive impact on their lives and futures.


Bringing hope and comfort to children in Syria

© UNICEF/UN0634998/Belal


Abir, 22, holds her son, Ishak, 18 months, in their house in Jarba village, East Ghouta, Rural Damascus, Syria. “I used to look at my son and feel sad. He was very thin and did not have the energy to play with his brother and cousins,” said Abir. Nothing she tried worked until she learned about a UNICEF-supported mobile medical team dedicated to helping children and mothers in Rural Damascus, rural Dara’a and Rural Quneitra, south Syria. After taking Ishak to the mobile unit for treatment with vitamins and nutritional supplements, Abir finally began to see her child improve. “Now he never stops playing and jumping around!” she says. 


Protecting Rohingya refugee children in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

© UNICEF/UN0580002/Latee


Children need protection. One week after an early January fire in the Rohingya refugee settlement in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh damaged shelters, displaced thousands and destroyed learning centers and the water and sanitation system, 5-year-old Jamila spoke with a UNICEF-supported psychosocial first aid provider. “When the fire started, I got a fever because it was so hot. Then we heard [explosions],” recalls Jamila. “I was very scared. I was crying. My grandmother brought me out of the camp, and then I stopped crying. But my feet got hurt when we were running, so I started crying again." UNICEF set up a temporary learning center to create safe, comforting spaces where children like Jamila can get emotional support and keep up with their education. 


Treating children suffering from malnutrition in Yemen

© UNICEF/UN0456881/Abaidi


Children need nourishment. In Yemen, one of the most dangerous places in the world for children to grow up, UNICEF provides malnutrition screenings and supports treatment centers where they can get the Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food and other interventions they need to they grow up strong and healthy. Above, 1-year-old Afnan is treated for malnutrition at the UNICEF-supported Therapeutic Feeding Center in Al Marawi'ah district, Hudaydah Governate, Yemen. 


Helping children in Afghanistan

© UNICEF/UN0612265/Fazel


This Ramadan, UNICEF arranged a special fund for Zakat donations to give emergency grants to mothers to use at their discretion to support their families. Tahira is a 28-year-old teacher with two sons, one of them 3-year-old Armin. In March 2022, Tahira received a one-month emergency payment of $100 — or about 9,000 Afghani — as part of UNICEF's efforts to support teachers out of work while their schools remain closed. "When I stopped receiving my salary in August 2021, I felt like life would stop," Tahira said. "When I received the 9,000 Afghani, it felt like 900,000. This allows me to support my family."


Thank you for bringing happiness and hope to children around the world. Wherever there are vulnerable children in need, UNICEF will be there to help. 


Top photo: Nine-month-old Shaima receives her routine vaccinations at UNICEF-supported Al-Rahabi health center in Sana'a, Yemen. © UNICEF/UN0462240/Ahmed