Putting Children First in Colorado

January 16, 2017

Denver Congressional Action Team Meets with Representative Coffman

Since the 1950s, Denver, Colorado has had a committed group of U.S. Fund for UNICEF volunteers. The belief that "no child should die of preventable causes" has driven local volunteer efforts in the state for more than 60 years. The efforts not only continue to expand but also thrive.

To put #ChildrenFirst means to seek and engage more passionate Coloradoans to come together as one, to unite and to use their voice on behalf of the millions of children affected by war, conflict, violence, and disease. This is where the UNICEF Congressional Action Team (CAT) comes in; individuals advocating for the rights of children.

In the Spring of 2016, Denver welcomed its own UNICEF CAT. After five Congressional Meetings throughout 2016, the team wrapped up the year by meeting with Representative Mike Coffman (R-6). Representative Coffman and his staff welcomed the UNICEF members and listened to their unique stories and passion for supporting UNICEF's lifesaving work.

The team expressed their gratitude for Representative Coffman's support for children and mothers as he was one of the three Colorado co-sponsors of the Reach Every Mother and Child Act H.R. 3706, and asked for his continued support.

We also learned about his motives as a small business owner to run for office and, of course, his incredible experience in the U.S. Military. Representative Coffman also shared about his commitment to ensure the wellbeing of the diverse community he represents, and to everyone's delight and surprise, he even practiced his Spanish speaking skills with the team!

"Gracias," the UNICEF team said, as the meeting concluded with team pictures and even a selfie with the Congressman.