[Online] Mia Farrow travels to Africa for UNICEF

February 9, 2007
2007_02_09_miafarrow.jpg UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow heads out for her week long trip to Africa tonight. She's looking forward to attending the kick-off of the Child Health Days program in Central African Republic and will also travel to UNICEF field sites in Chad. While communication between remote locations in the field and our office here in New York City can be difficult, I'm hoping Ms. Farrow will be able to share news and pictures from her trip to Africa as it progresses. We'll keep you posted here. If you have comments and good wishes to share with Ms. Farrow as her journey begins, please post them here as comments and we'll pass them along to her. Many of the regions Ms. Farrow and her team will be visiting are on the verge of humanitarian disaster. Her visit will bring renewed attention to these locations. Here's more information about Ms. Farrow's work for UNICEF. To learn more about UNICEF's work in Africa, visit UNICEFUSA.org. Mia Farrow is a true advocate for children and campaigns for their rights around the world. She has traveled extensively to Africa on behalf of UNICEF. In 2004 and 2006, Ms. Farrow traveled to Darfur to witness first hand the devastating impact of the civil war on women and children. Ms. Farrow began her film career with