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Mother's Day Gifts to Touch Every Mom's Heart by Giving Back to Kids

May 6, 2021

There's a UNICEF Inspired Gift for every type of mom. Purchase one in her honor today to help bring health and happiness to kids in need.

This Mother's Day, dedicate a UNICEF Inspired Gift to moms in your life who'd like nothing better than knowing they could help another mother who is struggling to protect her children from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. 

UNICEF Inspired Gifts are vital supplies. Things like school supplies for children in refugee camps struggling to learn, clothes and blankets for infants, lifesaving therapeutic food for severely malnourished kids — and vaccines that guard against deadly but preventable diseases.

There is an Inspired Gift for every child — and every type of mom. Below are some suggestions to help you make the perfect match. Then we'll take it from there: sending supplies to the kids who need them most and Mom your personalized e-card to let her know how much good you are doing together.

For the sporty mom

Soccer balls, basketballs and jump ropes to give kids the gift of play

Whether you are looking to honor the mother of an athlete or an athlete herself, you are sure to score with the UNICEF Inspired Gift Sports Collection. Choose between soccer balls, basketballs and jump ropes and give vulnerable kids the chance to do what every child should: play.

Kindergarteners play basketball in Chongqing, China. After implementing a series of safety measures following the outbreak of COVID-19, schools reopened and children returned to learning and playing with classmates. © UNICEF/UNI336271/Ma

Five Basketballs, $12


Five Soccer Balls, $46


20 Jump Ropes, $10

For the new mom

A gift basket of essential supplies moms need to give their babies the very best start

This Mother’s Day, celebrate a mom for bringing a little one into the world! As she adjusts to the joys and challenges of her new role, show your support by dedicating a UNICEF Inspired Gift to her that will help other moms give their little ones the best start too! The Newborn Kit, which includes blankets, diapers, baby clothes, vaccines and vitamins; warm blankets; and the Bundle of Joy gift basket of therapeutic food and blankets all ensure mothers in some of the world’s toughest places have what they need to keep their newborns healthy and happy.

A newborn in Uganda sleeps peacefully, wrapped in a warm blanket, just one of the many essential items that comes with the UNICEF Inspired Gift Collection's Newborn Kit. © UNICEF/UN0306483/Abdul

Newborn Kit, $50


Blankets for FIVE babies, $31


Bundle of Joy, $75

For grandmoms           

What better way to honor grandma than giving a child a healthy start in life?

Grandmoms know what kids need and love to make sure they get it! The UNICEF Healthy Start Kit helps parents keep their child healthy and nourished. Blankets, first aid kits, hygiene supplies, vaccines and more will support vulnerable children in those critical first few years of life.

Baby Umalkhayr receives an oral polio vaccine at a UNICEF-supported Nutrition Health Center in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The Healthy Start Kit includes polio vaccines among all the other supplies and vaccines children need to grow up healthy and strong. © UNICEF/UN0414892/Naftalin

Healthy Start, $150

For the outdoorsy mom

Emergency supplies to help families who have no choice but to brave the elements

Moms who love the great outdoors know the importance of spending time in nature — and having all the gear to do it safely. When natural disasters strike, many families are forced to brave the elements without any of the equipment they need to weather the storm. The UNICEF Inspired Gift Collection's Emergency Family Water and Hygiene Kits help them protect and provide for their children.

Torrential monsoon rains frequently wipe out the temporary structures where displaced families in the Bay of Bengal live. Here, a little girl, one of the hundreds of thousands Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, is bringing a tarp back to her family to help repair their damaged shelter. UNICEF Inspired Gift tarps help protect families and their children after natural disasters strike. © UNICEF/UN069090/Noorani

Emergency Water & Hygiene Kit, $53


Tarpaulins, $18


Soap, $20

For the educator mom

School supplies and everything else a child needs to learn

A UNICEF Inspired Education Gift is a great way to honor all moms who love learning just as much as they love sharing their knowledge with others. From pencils to kits containing all the supplies kids need to keep learning and stay healthy during emergencies, UNICEF Inspired Education Gifts are tools that help set children up for success both in and outside the classroom.

Rahima is a 7-year-old student at a primary school in Niger’s capital, Niamey. “Education is important for every child,” says her mother, who is a teacher at Rahima's school. “Also for girls.”  Pencils, exercise, books and other materials from the Inspired Gift Education Collection can help make the dreams of children like Rahima, who wants to be a doctor, a reality. © UNICEF/UN0443348/Dejongh

1,000 Pencils, $29


School in a Box, $185


emergency education kit, $60

For the surrogate mom

Therapeutic food, milk and cookies that are packed with nutrition — and tasty, too

These gifts are perfect for the aunt who helps with school pick-ups, the family friend who volunteers for Saturday night babysitting and the older cousin who makes math homework fun. UNICEF’s go-to treatments for malnutrition, Ready to Use Therapeutic Food and Milk and Cookies, are chock full of vitamins and protein. Just what malnourished kids need to recover their appetites so they can start feeling healthy and strong.

Jenty, 11 months old, eats Ready to Use Therapeutic Food in her mom’s arms at a UNICEF nutrition center in Yambio, South Sudan. When her mother brought her to the center, she was diagnosed with acute malnutrition. But after a several-week course of therapeutic food, Jenty regained her energy and was well on her way to good health. © UNICEF/UN0372533/Ryeng

Therapeutic Food, $55


Milk and Cookies, $100

For the caregiver mom

Gifts that take care of the caretakers

Moms are caretakers. And those who are health workers, too, have gone way above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic. This Mother's Day, honor those moms who always put others first by sending an Inspired Gift that helps health workers do their jobs while staying safe. A Large First Aid Kit contains everything a doctor or nurse needs to treat the sick or injured, while the Protect a Health Worker Kit's gloves, coveralls, masks and other supplies keeps them safe while they help others.

Monica Bucio, chief of UNICEF’s Táchira field office in Venezuela, and health workers take stock of medical supplies UNICEF delivered to a hospital in Venezuela. © UNICEF/UNI325744/Montico

Protect a Health Worker Kit, $40


Large First Aid Kit, $32

For the health-conscious mom

Honor her commitment to good health with a gift that helps kids survive and thrive

These gifts are great for the mom who is on top of her health and fitness — and her family’s. She doesn’t miss a day of exercising, eating plenty of fruits and veggies and taking vitamins. She also knows how important these things are for children who live in parts of the world where these essentials are scarce. Honor Mom’s commitment to good health by dedicating a UNICEF Inspired Gift of vaccines, vitamins and other supplies to help give every child the best start in life.

Mohammed, 2, sits on the steps of a UNICEF-supported nutrition health center in Hargeisa, Somaliland, where both mothers and babies get the care they need to survive and thrive. © UNICEF/UN0414906/Naftalin

Survive, Then Thrive gift basket $500


Polio Vaccines, $35


Measles Vaccines, $41

For the artsy mom

Art-in-a-Box: the perfect way to honor creative moms

Moms who are into DIY and doing art projects with their kids will love UNICEF Inspired Gifts' Art-in-a-Box Kit. It comes with everything children and teens need for creative expression — colored pencils, markers, paper, scissors and more. But that’s not all. This meaningful gift also includes guided activities designed to bolster the resilience of children traumatized by war or other emergencies.

Art classes helped re-establish a sense of normalcy for children in Armenia who were affected by the fighting that broke out in the Nagorno-Karabakh region last Fall. UNICEF and partners created a program to ensure kids could keep up with their studies and take physical education and art therapy classes, all of which have helped them heal by creating safe spaces where they can be kids again. © UNICEF/UN0423891/Mahari

Art-in-a-Box, $225

For the mom who’s always prepared

Dedicate a gift of emergency supplies to the mom who’s ready for anything

Being a mom means being ready for anything, from bandaging small cuts and bruises to having flashlights, batteries and canned food on hand just in case the power goes out. Our Essential Emergency Supplies and Baby Resuscitation and First Aid Kits are a great way to honor the mom in your life who always thinks ahead and shows up for others when the going gets tough. In an emergency, each of these UNICEF Inspired Gifts provides essential supplies to help families and children in crisis.

After Hurricane Eta hit Central America in 2020, many mothers and children were left with nothing. Here, one mom holds her baby as she surveys the rubble in their neighborhood in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua. The UNICEF Inspired Gifts Collection offers essential supplies to help families weather just such emergencies, including everything from water buckets, soap and water purification tablets to reusable cloth sanitary pads, child potties and flashlights. © UNICEF/UN0360925/Gómez/AFP-Services

essential emergency Supplies, $276


Baby Resuscitation Kit, $30


Large First Aid Kit, $32

Top photo: Fatoumata Soureya and her 3-month-old baby, Maïramou, live in the eastern Cameroon community of Bertoua, where UNICEF helps teach mothers how to prepare nutritious meals using locally produced food. “I’m still breastfeeding my baby,” says Soureya, “but I came to learn how to prepare a nutritious meal. It can help me later.” © UNICEF/UN0422233/Dejongh