Fleeing Terror in Central Africa, Refugees Turn to Chad

January 8, 2014

The recent escalation of violence in the Central African Republic (CAR) and South Sudan has forced hundreds of thousands of people -- mostly women and children -- to flee from their homes.

An estimated 194,000 people in South Sudan and 480,000 people in the CAR have been displaced.

Throughout years of instability in the region, many of the region's displaced have sought refuge in Chad.

The path to safety is not direct. Khadidja Dramane, a 50-year-old mother featured in the video above, has spent her life in displacement. She has moved from Chad to Darfur to CAR and back to Chad in search of security and a better life.

Rampant violence makes delivering aid a huge challenge: in the CAR, the presence of armed groups in displacement camps complicates the task, while in Sudan 165,000 children remain in need of immediate vaccination.

UNICEF is responding across the region, airlifting emergency supplies to the CAR, constructing latrines and tents in South Sudan and delivering clean water and vaccinations in Chad.

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