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Light the World for Children

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the lives of children, families and communities around the world. The pandemic has caused businesses to close, schools to shut down, critical immunization campaigns to be halted, family gatherings to be put on pause and much more.

As the world has been put on pause, so has the 2020 Light the World campaign and its in-person Giving Machines, presented by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Even though communities may not be able to gather in person this year and choose critical items from the Giving Machines, you can still give virtually to UNICEF’s lifesaving work!   

This year, we are bringing the #LightTheWorld campaign straight to your computers, where you are able to give directly to UNICEF.

Donate Now

UNICEF Inspired Gifts that were included in the 2019 Light the World Giving Machines Campaign.

A variety of  UNICEF Inspired Gifts were included in the 2019 Light the World Giving Machines Campaign. ©UNICEF USA

UNICEF USA is grateful to participate in the #LightTheWorld campaign for the third year in a row. Over the past two years, the Giving Machines have allowed individuals to make an impact on children and communities through purchasing UNICEF Inspired Gifts, from polio vaccines to jump ropes to School-in-a-Box kits – raising over $1 million.

By making a gift today, you will be able to support UNICEF’s critical lifesaving work. A few examples of how your donation could make an impact for children:

  • $25: Your gift could help provide safe water (from a manually drilled well) to five children for one year
  • $40: Your gift could go towards protecting a health care worker as they work to prevent infection and treat patients with COVID-19, by providing them with a surgical mask, disposable gloves, coveralls and protective boots
  • $50: Your gift could help UNICEF procure 200 doses of oral polio vaccine drops  
  • $75: Your gift could go towards lifesaving Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) for malnourished children and blankets to help newborn babies thrive
  • $190: Your gift could go towards purchasing Early Childhood Development Kits, allowing up to 50 young children at a time develop skills for thinking, speaking, feeling and interacting with others
  • $550: Your gift could go towards purchasing ten school desks and benches, allowing children the chance to learn

Donate Now

With all the hardships children and communities have faced in 2020, it hasn’t stopped UNICEF from doing its job – working in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights and to help them fulfil their potential.

UNICEF won’t stop protecting children and continues to ensure that communities receive the supplies they need, such as soap and safe water, school supplies and access to distance/home-based learning, vaccines to fight deadly diseases and much more!

Give the gift of hope this year and make an impact on the world’s most vulnerable children.


Top photo: A very happy girl at the playground outside of her school in Toumodi-Sakassou, in the center of Côte d'Ivoire. Due to COVID-19, the schools were closed for several weeks, but now classes have started back up safely, and children are happy to see their friends. ©UNICEF/UNI333561/Frank Dejongh 

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