Lenny Kravitz: Help Vaccinate Every Child

May 6, 2013
Lenny Kravitz — the GRAMMY Award–winning singer-songwriter, record producer and actor — recorded a public service announcement and contributed this blog post urging people to join UNICEF to bring about an end to preventable child deaths. It is one of the greatest success stories in recent history. Thirty years ago, only one out of five children were immunized against killer diseases like measles and polio. Throughout the developing world, millions of children were dying of illnesses that had all but disappeared in the world’s wealthier countries. Since then, a near miracle has taken place. Now, four out of five children are protected by vaccines. Polio is on the verge of elimination. Measles and tetanus deaths have been reduced dramatically. This miracle did not happen by itself. Child-by-child, house-by-house, and government-by-government, UNICEF, its partners and donors were able to quadruple global immunization coverage. Vaccination now saves an estimated 2 to 3 million lives each year. Reaching the Last Child But this story is not over yet. One out of five children is still not protected. And as many as 1.5 million die every year because they are not immunized. You can help save these children by donating now. UNICEF believes in a world where ZERO children are denied lifesaving vaccines. With a global presence and decades of experience on the frontlines of immunization, UNICEF is uniquely positioned to get vaccines to the most remote corners of the Earth and to make sure every last child is reached. But UNICEF can’t do this without you. UNICEF buys enough vaccines to protect a third of the world’s children. And the more doses UNICEF buys, the less they cost. By supporting UNICEF’s immunization efforts, you are helping to buy big, saving lives and money. We Must Act Now The timing could not be more critical. Polio is only endemic in three countries (down from 125 in 1988). But until this horrific disease is completely wiped out, it will remain a threat. We cannot allow vaccine-preventable diseases like polio to make a comeback. Every child deserves a chance to grow up, and your gift today will make sure more children get one. It will help teams of vaccinators, community workers, health workers, leaders, and parents overcome extremely difficult obstacles so that every child in every corner of the world can get immunized. Vaccinating 100 percent of the world’s children will help save 4,000 lives every day. And it will enable UNICEF and its partners to protect children for a lifetime. Please join me in supporting UNICEF today. Please give what you can.