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Kid President Talks About UNICEF Inspired Gifts — and THE TRUCK!

Brad Montague and Robby Novak are brothers-in-law and the creators of the popular web series Kid President. They've teamed up with the U.S. Fund this holiday season to help UNICEF help kids around the world through Kid President's Picks and the Kid President Awesome Gifts Fund.

My little brother-in-law is named Robby. He's known to most people as Kid President. He and I have always made silly things like songs and videos together, but we never imagined they would be seen by people all over the world. Now our web series is seen by thousands of people each week on the Soulpancake YouTube channel.

It's a lot of fun. Robby and I write each video together. We get excited when we get to share a new one online, but for us, it isn't just about getting people to watch. We want to create videos that point people towards things that matter. I sat down with Robby to ask him a bit about our latest project with UNICEF Inspired Gifts:

Brad: Why were you excited to support UNICEF Inspired Gifts and join this year's campaign?

Robby: Well, it's cool!

Brad: Can you elaborate?

Robby: It's about helping kids, and I am a kid. That's what I want to do!

Brad: Exactly. What did you like about what they do?

Robby: It's something anybody can do. Some people will give lots of money and some people will give just a little bit of money, but it all helps kids. Everybody wants to help and they can.

Brad: What's your favorite Inspired Gift?


Brad: You want the truck?

Robby: No! I want to send a truck. It can go all over and carry stuff to kids who need it. That's awesome.

Brad: That is awesome.

Robby: Also the soccer ball.

Brad: The "Eat and Run?"

Robby: Yup. Me and my sister bought some in honor of our teacher.

Brad: What do the holidays mean to you?

Robby: Spending time with family. Eating. Giving presents. Getting presents. Singing.

Brad: Dancing? Robby: Why do you have to finish my sentences?

Brad: Sorry. Now, back to the truck. You know lots of people are donating to the Kid President Awesome Gift Fund! The donations from this go towards getting an SUV to an area of the world that needs it most.

Robby: I know! That is awesome! I told everybody at my school about it.

Brad: You also told the internet.

Robby: Yeah. I told them too.

Brad: One last question — How can we help kids around the world this holiday season

Robby: Love them. Listen to them. (scratches head). That's it.

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