Group Gathers in Front of Car

Houston brothers host 5th annual car wash and fundraiser for UNICEF

Despite heavy rains, two Houston brothers hosted their fifth annual carwash and lemonade stand, raising $1551 for UNICEF. 

Saager Chawla (age 13) and Rohen Chawla (age 12) held their annual UNICEF car wash and lemonade stand fundraiser in Houston, Texas on Saturday Aug 31. This marked 5 years in a row! This year's theme was children helping children. Past themes have included Horn of Africa famine, medical need, and literacy causes.

Every Aug, they make posters, flyers, and Evites to get the word out. Most years, they wash anywhere from 14 to 24 cars in one morning and sell countless glasses of lemonade. Their classmates and neighborhood friends come out to help and wash cars with them. The kids are proud to have done the event 5 years in a row, rain or shine! In fact this year, despite the intermittent rain, the kids washed 15 cars, sold lots of lemonade, and raised $1551 for UNICEF.

Saager and Rohen state that they started these fundraisers "to help children around the world." However, after 5 years, they "realized that these events have given back to us and our community as well." Many of the kids who have volunteered at these fundraisers have mentioned that it made them feel good to help others. In fact, at the end of this year's car wash, one 8 year old girl was so inspired that she announced she would also organize a charity lemonade stand and cookie stand to help the needy kids.

Charity Car Wash and Lemonade Stand has truly been a rewarding experience at so many levels these 5 years.

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