A Good Meal and a Good Cause

December 3, 2012
When planning your festive affairs this week, consider a special and fun opportunity to make an immediate difference this holiday season. I’m sure that all of you foodies are more than well acquainted with the renowned Michael’s—both the restaurant in New York and the one in Santa Monica. And for those who have had the pleasure of meeting Michael himself, you know that he is far more than one of the country’s great restaurateurs. Michael has an enormous and generous heart and gives back to the community whenever the opportunity arises. When David Sable, Global CEO of Y&R and Chair of the U.S. Fund's New York Philanthropic Advisory Board, asked Michael if he would hold a short fundraising drive for UNICEF’s measles vaccination efforts, he immediately jumped on board. Michael enrolled both his New York City and West Coast restaurants to help raise funds for this lifesaving cause. Over 100,000 children die of measles each year, despite a proven, cost-effective vaccine. Share your holiday spirit by helping to safeguard children from this deadly, yet preventable, disease. Here’s the plan: All week, at both locations, there will be a UNICEF card on every table encouraging diners to make a  contribution that they can add right onto their check. Each dollar donated will go to the Measles campaign. This will do more than raise money and provide vaccinations to vulnerable children—it will also raise awareness among an important audience that can make a difference. This week, if you can, go have lunch at Michael’s. Thank him and his general manager, Steve Millington, who have been wonderful every step along the way. Spread the word, tweet, and of course, enjoy your meal!