Father's Day Gifts That Help Keep Children Healthy, Happy and Safe

June 4, 2019

Are you looking for a unique way to say "thank you" to your dad this Father's Day? Dedicating a UNICEF Inspired Gift to your father is a great way to take the caring he's shown to you and pay it forward to help children in need.  


UNICEF Inspired Gifts aren't your average Father's Day gifts. They are essential supplies that help children survive in some of the world's toughest places. Things like purification tablets that make water safe to drink, learning materials that help refugee children stay hopeful about their futures, Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food that can help bring a severely malnourished child back to life and vaccines that ward off deadly, preventable diseases. This year, you can even buy a Father's Day Gift Pack to help families cope and stay safe during an emergency.


Families living in poverty, crisis and conflict can find all these very hard to come by. But the UNICEF Inspired Gifts collection makes giving these essentials easy. Simply choose your gift, dedicate it to your dad using one of our Father's Day e-cards, then UNICEF will take it from there, delivering the supplies to dads and moms who are having difficulty providing for their kids.


Plus, you don't have to spend a lot to make a difference. As little as $8 can buy 10 jump ropes; $19 is enough to protect 100 kids from polio. If you want to go all out in Dad's honor — or pool resources with other family members — $415 can fund a pump that will bring water to an entire village! Every UNICEF Inspired Gift is guaranteed to make a world of difference because UNICEF will make sure it gets to the children who need it most ....








In Mozambique, 1.85 million people and 1 million children are still reeling from the two tropical cyclones — Idai and Kenneth — that hit this season. After Cyclone Idai made landfall, UNICEF quickly mobilized to reach families like Fabiao Viriro’s with emergency hygiene kits similar to those that are available for $46 from UNICEF Inspired Gifts. “After getting the kits, I could start to see a better future and have hope,” said Viriro of the toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, sanitary napkins and other necessities that made life bearable in the temporary shelter where he and his family (above) sought refuge after the storm. “I believe in the power of UNICEF to help my family.” © UNICEF/UN0308874/De Wet



UNICEF Inspired Gifts can be just as crucial during health emergencies like the alarming global surge in measles cases, which rose a staggering 48 percent between 2017 and 2018. 





UNICEF is now working to halt the spread of the highly contagious disease, and for just $40, you can help by donating enough measles vaccines to protect 50 children. Measles can prove particularly deadly in regions impacted by conflict. In Ukraine, 100,000 people have contracted measles and 35 have died over the past two years. To protect his 1-year-old, Bohdan Bielik (above) brought his son in for his first dose of the MMR vaccine, which provides immunity from measles,  mumps and rubella. UNICEF vaccines are now available at primary health care facilities across the country. © UNICEF/UN0302002/Filippo



Conflict endangers children's health. It can also rob them of their chance to learn. In Rwanda, where many families from Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo have fled to escape violence, UNICEF provides refugee children and those of Rwandan families educational programs that are vital for their futures.   





Fathers like Jean de Dieu (above) know how important that is: “I’m not educated. I can’t read or write or even properly count. It’s a challenge." De Dieu is a day laborer whose son Alfonse attends a UNICEF Early Childhood Development Center that opened in their village in Northern Rwanda. "I want my children to be highly educated so one day Alfonse can be the president or prime minister.”  A UNICEF Inspired education gift of pencils and exercise books, art supplies or math materials can help fathers give their children a chance at a better life. © UNICEF/UN0306278/Sokol



Young children don't do all their learning in school. UNICEF has found that playing and having fun is good for their developing brains and counteracting the toxic stress that comes from being displaced or living in crisis. To protect vulnerable kids' right to play — and reap its many benefits — the UNICEF Inspired Gifts collection offers a range of sports equipment, from volleyballs to jump ropes to soccer balls to basketballs.





Baby Mohammad was born in the UNICEF pediatric ward of Jordan's Azraq Refugee Camp, where he and his mom and dad, Shaheen (above), now live since fleeing Syria. One day, hopefully, Mohammad will get to experience life in Syria without war. But until then, he has UNICEF looking out for his health and a loving father to take care of the rest. "I am so happy when I look at him," says Shaheen, who plays with his son as much as he can. "When a father plays with his child, then the child learns. I am thinking about how to raise him the right way." © UNICEF/UN0302567/Herwig



UNICEF works nonstop to deliver lifesaving nutrition, health care, education and protection to children in over 150 countries and territories. This Father's Day, give a UNICEF Inspired Gift to support that important work — and make Dad proud!






Top Photo: Four-year-old Daniyal's joy at having his dad, Muhammad Awais, visit him at his school in Pakistan’s Punjab province is a reminder there's no replacement for the nurturing power of a parent's love. But when it comes to helping vulnerable kids get all the basics they need to survive and thrive, you and UNICEF can make a world of difference. © UNICEF/UN0308355/Zaidi