Father’s Day Gifts That Give Back to Kids

June 15, 2021

There's a UNICEF Inspired Gift for every type of dad. Purchase one in his honor today and help bring health and happiness to kids in need.

Still on the hunt for a meaningful Father’s Day gift? This year, pay tribute to your favorite dad by giving another dad a UNICEF Inspired Gift of supplies that will help him keep his family safe.

There is a UNICEF Inspired Gift for every type of dad. Whether your favorite is the outdoorsy type, a Mr. Fixit or a new dad just learning the ropes, you'll find a UNICEF Inspired Gift to suit his interests and the needs of dads who are struggling to give their children what they need to grow up healthy and strong. 

Below is a guide to help you make the perfect match. After you’ve made your pick, personalize one of our Father's Day e-cards, and we'll send it to him to let him know about his gift and the life-changing difference it's making to other dads and their kids around the world.

For the resourceful dad

The UNICEF Father’s Day Gift Basket is the perfect way to recognize a dad in your life who is always ready to help — the dad who loves to solve problems but also knows that sometimes emergencies happen that are beyond even his control. When hurricanes, earthquakes or other natural disasters destroy homes, any dad could use help protecting his family. This Father's Day, honor the dad who's always prepared by sending supplies — a tarp, therapeutic food, even a soccer ball — that help another father ensure his family can weather the storm.

Father's Day Gift Basket, $91


A child in Ethiopia eats UNICEF-supplied Ready to Use Therapeutic Food. This packet of lifesaving nutrition, just one of the Father’s Day Gift Basket items, is full of all the proteins and vitamins malnourished children need to get back to good health. © UNICEF/UN0142357/Ayene

For the sports-enthusiast dad

For the dad who loves playing sports and rooting for his favorite teams, and never misses the chance to stand on the sidelines to cheer his family on, a present from the UNICEF Inspired Gift sports collection is sure to be a slam dunk. Athletic dads know that sports and play are good for kids, but sports equipment is scarce in some parts of the world. This Father’s Day, honor the playful dad in your life with a UNICEF Inspired Gift of basketballssoccer balls or jump ropes so he can give kids who aren’t as fortunate as his own the gift of play.





20 JUMP ROPES, $10


Jonathan, 5, plays soccer with his best friend, Shadrack, in Uganda. During COVID-19 lockdowns, schools closed, leaving kids at loose ends. But throughout the pandemic, sports helped children stay active and do what all kids should: play. © UNICEF/UNI327641/Abdul

For the new dad

Looking for a meaningful way to honor a new dad who's starting a family of his own? Celebrate his devotion to his family with a UNICEF Inspired Gift that will help another father care for his new baby, too. The Newborn Kit and Bundle of Joy gift baskets contain many items on most parents’ new-baby checklist. The Newborn Kit offers baby clothes, diapers, blankets, prenatal supplements for moms and essential vaccines to protect against measles, polio and tetanus. For parents who are tending to a child who is malnourished, the Bundle of Joy provides both treatment and comfort: Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF), a protein-packed peanut paste that helps babies recover, and blankets to keep them warm and cozy.

Newborn Kit, $50


Warm Blankets, $31


Bundle of Joy, $75



Shaheen holds his 3-day-old son, Mohammed, in the Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan. All babies born in the camp receive a newborn kit from UNICEF to help dads and moms keep their babies healthy and safe in their first few days and months. © UNICEF/UN0216369/Herwig

For the health-conscious dad

Health-minded dads know they must play an active role in their children’s well-being. But in parts of the world where food, water and medical care are hard to come by, dads and moms look to UNICEF to provide essentials like vaccines that children need to grow up healthy and strong. This Father's Day, donate a UNICEF Inspired Gift from the immunization collection and give your favorite dad the gift of knowing he's helped another father protect his kids from serious, even deadly diseases.

Polio Vaccines, $35


Survive, Then Thrive, $500


Measles Vaccines, $41


A child receives an oral polio vaccine at a UNICEF-supported nutrition health center in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The Survive Then Thrive gift basket includes polio vaccines and other essentials such as therapeutic food and milk, fleece blankets, mosquito nets and school supplies for 40 children. © UNICEF/UN0414890/Naftalin

For the granddad

Granddads know what’s best for little ones, and they love to help make sure they get it! The UNICEF Healthy Start Gift Basket contains blankets, mosquito nets, polio vaccines, first aid kits, oral rehydration salts and essential water and hygiene supplies — things that empower parents who live in places where ensuring children can survive and thrive is no easy task.

Healthy Start, $150


Jonathan Mbusa, 70, carries his 3-year-old granddaughter, Asinet, to a field where they grow vegetables together in western Uganda. Asinet has been living with her grandparents since she was born. Mbusa creates a healthy, nurturing environment for Asinet because he knows that her early, formative years will help define her future success. ©UNICEF/UN065153/Ose

For the outdoorsy dad

Dads who cherish family time in the great outdoors are experts on all things safety-related — from pitching tents to ensuring proper hygiene. But when earthquakes, hurricanes and other disasters strike without warning, even dads who like braving the elements can get caught unaware. The UNICEF Emergency Relief Inspired Gift collection offers the supplies — tents that can serve as schools or clinicsemergency water and hygiene kitstarps and soap — families whose homes are damaged or destroyed will need to survive.

Tent, $1461


Emergency Water Kit, $53


Tarps, $18


Soap, $20


After a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal in 2015, around 7,000 people were displaced from their homes. Here, a young child smiles as he works on lessons at the temporary learning center UNICEF set up so kids whose schools were damaged or destroyed could keep up with their studies. © UNICEF/UNI198933/Panday

For the dad who does good

UNICEF Inspired Gifts are perfect for the dad who makes a difference — volunteering in his community, helping people who are in between homes and going above and beyond for others — near or far. Honor his commitment to service by giving a gift that secures vulnerable children’s future health and well-being. The Prevention Is the Best Medicine Gift Basket contains all the vaccines kids need to fight off polio, tetanus, measles, yellow fever and other deadly infections along with anti-malarial tablets and mosquito nets.

Prevention is the Best Medicine, $200


Marie, 2, picks up mosquito nets with her father in Grand-Bassam, Côte d’Ivoire. Mosquito nets are a simple yet highly effective way to help prevent mosquito-borne diseases like malaria. © UNICEF/UN0454824/Dejongh

Top photo: When the Afghanistan government announced the reopening of the country after the COVID-19 lockdown, Rahimullah and his 7-year-old daughter, Rahila, headed to the park. © UNICEF/UNI358977/Fazel