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As Election Day Nears, Commit to Voting #ForEveryChild

September 21, 2020

When policymakers pursue a more equitable world for every child, they make better decisions for our communities and our country. Use UNICEF USA's Civic Action Center to make your vote count in the 2020 election.

As absentee and early voting begin, it is critical that voters consider when and how they will vote in the upcoming election. An abundance of information — and misinformation — is circulating as to how and when ballots can be cast, complicated by the fact that election rules vary from state to state.

UNICEF USA, rooted in the belief that every voice matters, is committed to providing reliable information and resources to make your vote count this election through our Civic Action Center

What role does UNICEF USA have to play in this election season? Our grassroots movement for children, UNICEF UNITE, brings together more than 70,000 active volunteers nationwide committed to voting #ForEveryChild in November. In the spirit of global citizenship and youth empowerment, these volunteers will vote with the best interest of the world's children top of mind. They know that when policymakers pursue a more equitable world for every child, and listen to the voices of children and young people, they make better decisions for our communities and our country.

Child-friendly policies create a more equitable society for all

In addition to the presidential candidates, in total, 470 Members of Congress, 11 Governors and 122 policy measures will be voted on this election. When deciding how to cast your ballot, consider not only how the election's results will affect you today, but also how they will impact future generations.

Ask children and young people in your community what they care about and what worries them about their futures. Last year, UNICEF USA did just that when we commissioned the Harris Poll to conduct a survey of youth in the United States ages 8 to 17 and found that violence, mistreatment or bullying, climate change and poverty are of greatest importance to children in the United States. These issues and more are on the ballot this year.

UNICEF USA's new Civic Action Center: a reliable source of voter information

To help you make an informed decision and a plan to vote on or before election day, UNICEF USA has launched our new Civic Action Center, where you can:

  • Check if you are registered to vote — and if not, register yourself
  • Apply to vote early or by mail
  • Learn about the candidates on your ballot
  • Find your polling place

The platform provides customized information based on your state, making it as easy as possible to plan your vote — whether you vote by mail or in person, early or on election day.

Make sure your voice and your vote count! Join UNICEF USA and make your plan to vote #ForEveryChild in the upcoming election using our Civic Action Center


Top photo: UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore joins hands with youth climate activists before sitting down for a discussion at UNICEF House in New York City on September 23, 2019. © UNICEF/UNI207602/Berkwitz